Whimsical and practical, functional and timeless, EAYRSLEE accessories are the perfect union of contrasting aesthetics and complementary talents. Inspired by a glamorous past of pieces handed down from mother to daughter, Joanne Lee and Mimi Eayrs believe that a great bag gets better with age and always looks current. Using handpicked leathers and fabrics sourced from Argentina, Italy, and NYC, Eayrs and Lee imbue their classic, modern designs with a quirky playfulness that doesn’t come at the expense of utility.

On the surface, Joanne Lee and Mimi Eayrs couldn’t have come from more different places. Joanne grew up in a “typical” Korean family in Southern California and studied psychology at UC Berkeley.  After starting her career in design in San Francisco, she set out for NYC in search of a bigger pond. Mimi had a bohemian upbringing in Buenos Aires with an artist mother and a linguist father. Trained as a fine artist, she left Argentina to explore and pursue her love of all things visual and visceral in Italy and at Parsons in New York. Lee and Eayrs met in 2007 and became fast friends, quickly realizing their shared love of good design and that there was chemistry in their differences.

EAYRSLEE was born in 2010 over burgers and fries, with the goal to create things that they loved and that would, in turn, be loved by others. The inaugural collection was designed in Mimi’s living room in Greenpoint and launched in the Fall of 2011. They continue to live, work, and get inspired in Brooklyn.